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Don't Waive Away your Deductible.

A roof repair company rep. knocks on your door and offers to waive your insurance deductible to help repair or replace your roof after a hailstorm. It may sound appealing, but this practice has been illegal since 1989. And in 2019, Texas passed Bill 2102 which makes it a crime for roofing companies to waive the deductible. This law benefits Texas consumers by weeding out fraudulent, fly-by-night roofing companies.

Basically, Texas House Bill 2102 states: “A person insured under a property insurance policy shall pay any deductible applicable to a first-party claim under the policy. Any contractor that provides a credit, rebate, or offers to waive or absorb the amount of the homeowner’s insurance deductible will be charged with a crime.”

This law separates the reputable contractors, like BR Contracting, from the fraudulent companies. Businesses that offer to waive the deductible might send false information about the actual cost to your insurance company and cut corners by using cheap material and asphalt shingles. In the long run, this could cost more than your deductible with multiple costly repairs and further damage.

To show proof to your insurance company that you paid your deductible, you might have to show a canceled check, money order receipt, credit card statement, or a copy of the payment plan with your contractor.

While this law is bad news for fraudulent contractors who want to beat the system, it’s good news for reputable companies who stand by their quality. Companies like BR Contracting can focus on their workmanship without worrying about losing business to the criminal companies. For their part, companies must disclose in contracts that deductibles are fully paid. Failure to do so could result in jail time and a hefty fine for the contractor.

The staff at BR Contracting handles every detail of your new roof, from working closely with your insurance company, to hammering the final nail. For an estimate, call us at 214-616-6655.

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