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Construction and Renovation

Family Owned Since 1997

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Serving Ellis, Tarrant, and Dallas County

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Hi! I am Bryan

the owner of BR Contracting.

I started BR Contracting in 1997
as a one man shop.
Now, I have a huge 
team of highly skilled professionals.

BR Contracting can do anything including
flood restoration,
roof replacement,
kitchen renovations
bathroom remodels,
outdoor living areas,
and much more.

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Get your home ready for hotter temperatures.


Inspect and Upgrade Insulation in Additions & Renovations:

  • Insulation Check: If you've recently added a new room or renovated an existing space, ensure it's properly insulated. This will help in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature and reduce energy bills.

  • Attic Insulation: For homes with attics, make sure the insulation is thick and evenly distributed. This can prevent heat loss during cooler days.


Kitchen & Patio Space Prep:

  • Kitchen Ventilation: Ensure that kitchen exhaust fans and vents are working efficiently, especially if you anticipate cooking more during the colder months. This will help in removing excess heat and moisture.

  • Patio Winterizing: If you have an outdoor kitchen or patio space, consider winterizing it. This might include covering outdoor appliances, ensuring outdoor pipes are insulated, and storing away any summer-centric patio furniture or decor.


Restoration Cleanup & Prevention:

  • Roof and Gutter Inspection: Given the specialty in restoration, ensure that roofs and gutters are cleared of debris and in good condition. This prevents potential water damage, which can be exacerbated during rainy fall weather in Texas.

  • Foundation Inspection: Examine the foundation for any cracks. Sealing these can prevent cold drafts and potential water intrusion.


Enhance Weatherproofing:

  • Window & Door Seals: Ensure that windows and doors have tight seals. Caulking or weatherstripping can be used to address any gaps.

  • Exterior Checks: Ensure the siding, brickwork, or other materials are in good condition without gaps or cracks.

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